Welcome to Subblogblog, where we'll discuss whether or not to make more subblogs.

You're here, reading this, probably, I assume, because you, like me, are wondering exactly how many commas are too many, whether or not they are, technically, grammatically correct, or not.

Also, you want an answer to the ultimate question: What's the deal with Subblogs?

Should we make more? If so, how many?

Well, here are my thoughts. Besides discussing whether or not to make more subblogs, I believe subblogs would be useful for the following topics:

  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Music
  • Boats
  • More cars
  • French cars
  • Complaining about subblogs
  • Italian cars
  • Fiat
  • Murican cars
  • Unordered lists
  • Brazilian cars (loljk, Blazinace!)
  • Whether or not this list is too long
  • The relationship between quasi-socialistic government and secular humanism
  • My belly button
  • Ok, this list is too long now
  • No, really, it is

I know it would seem most practical to keep the ensuing discussion in the comments of this post. But we have to make use of Subblogblog, somehow! Ask for authorship; it will be given. Go forth and post to the front page of Subblogblog, or post in the comments if you want. Really, I don't give a crap either way.